Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 17(10), 1199 (2001).

Spectrophotometric Determination of Periodate, Iodate and Bromate Mixtures Based on Their Reaction with Iodide
Abbas AFKHAMI,  Tayyebeh MADRAKIAN, and Ali Reza ZAREI
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Bu Ali Sina University, Hamadan, Iran
A rapid, simple, precise and accurate method is proposed for the determination of ternary mixtures of periodate-iodate-bromate based on their reaction with iodide ion at different pH values. The absorbance was measured at 352 nm. Three sets of reaction conditions were developed. In the first set of conditions, only periodate reacted with iodide, but in the second set the periodate and iodate reacted with iodide and in the third set the three ions reacted with iodide during the first 3 min after initiation of the reaction. The method could be used for individual determinations of periodate, iodate and bromate in the concentration range of 0.05 - 8.0 ug/ml, 0.05 - 5.0 ug/ml and 0.2 - 12 ug/ml, respectively. The data were evaluated by simultaneous equations.