Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 17(10), 1155 (2001).

Methylcellulose-immobilized Reversed-phase Precolumn for Direct Analysis of Drugs in Plasma by HPLC
Eiichi YAMAMOTO,  Kaoru MURATA, Yasushi ISHIHAMA, and Naoki ASAKAWA
Analytical Research Laboratories, Eisai Co., Ltd., 5-1-3 Tokodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 300-2635, Japan
We evaluated a new restricted access media (RAM) precolumn for direct analysis of drugs in plasma using a column switching HPLC system. The new RAM material was prepared by the modification of the external surface of porous silica with hydrophilic methylcellulose (MC), followed by modification of the internal surface with octadecylsilane (ODS). The external surface of the MC-immobilized ODS silica material (MC-ODS) suppressed the adsorption of proteins, while the internal surface of MC-ODS retained various types of drugs, such as ketoprofen, propranolol, caffeine and atenolol in plasma samples. In addition, MC-ODS allowed direct analysis of drugs in a 1000-uL plasma sample to monitor trace amounts of analytes contained. Reduced efficiency and clogging of the MC-ODS precolumn and/or the analytical column were not observed even after the repetitive injection of plasma sample up to 40 mL. Our results indicated that the MC-ODS precolumn could be used in pharmacodynamic and clinical studies.