Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 16(6), 627 (2000).

Analysis of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives by GC/MS and GC/AED with Temperature Programmable Pyrolyzer
Sadao NAKAMURA,* Masahiko TAKINO,* and Shigeki DAISHIMA**
*Kansai Branch Office, Yokogawa Analytical Systems Inc., 3-3-11 Niitaka, Yodogawa, Osaka 532-0033, Japan
**Yokogawa Analytical Systems Inc., 2-11-13 Nakacho, Musashino, Tokyo 180-0006, Japan
Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) and gas chromatograph/atomic emission detector (GC/AED) withtemperature programmable pyrolyzer were used for analysis of pressure sensitive adhesives in adhesive tapes. Evolvedgas analysis (EGA) profile of the adhesives was obtained by this temperature-programmed pyrolyzer directly coupledwith MS via a deactivated metal capillary tube. The EGA profile suggested the optimal thermal desorption condition foradditives and the subsequent optimal pyrolysis temperature for the remaining polymeric material. Rubbers wereidentified from pyrograms with the assistance of a new polymer library. The additives were selectively detected bymonitoring hetero elements and these screening results of GC/AED enabled one to easily find additive peaks in complexchromatograms of GC/MS with interference of tackifier. The additives were able to be identified by the correspondingGC/MS data. Furthermore, the EGA profile gave significant data for crosslinking agents by using specific ionmonitoring.