Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 16(6), 615 (2000).

Bulk Acoustic Wave Sensing Technique Applied to Dibazol Assay in Serum and Urine
Yumei LONG, Weifeng LI, Deliang HE, Anhong ZHOU, Wanzhi WEI, Lihua NIE, and Shouzhuo YAO
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, Changsha 410082, China
A simple, rapid, specific and sensitive method for the assay of dibazol using a bulk acoustic wave technique is described. PVC film containing various activants was coated on one electrode of a piezoelectric quartz crystal to fabricate a dibazol bulk acoustic wave (BAW) sensor for the assay of dibazol. Neither a sample pretreatment nor separation was required. Thelogarithm of the frequency shift of the dibazol BAW sensor shows a linear relationship to the logarithm of the concentration of dibazol over the range 4.0x10-8 - 9.0x10-4 M with a detection limit of 4.0x10-8 M. In this work, three kinds of ion-pair complexes, namely, dibazol with dicyclohexylnaphthalene sulfonate (DDCHNS), diisobutylnaphthalene sulfonate (DDBNS) and tetraphenylborate (DTPB), were synthesized and investigated. The influencing factors were also examined and optimized. A comparison of the BAW sensing technique with other methods for assaying dibazol was made.