Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 15(4), 343 (1999).

Enzyme-Linked Competitive Binding Assays Based on the Biotin/Avidin Interaction
Ho Choll CHO*, Dong Joo LEE*, So Young KIM**, Jong-Hyun KIM**,
*Department of Chemistry, Kwangwoon University, Seoul 139-701, South Korea
**Department of Chemistry, Seoul Women's University, Seoul 139-774, South Korea
The strong interaction between biotin and avidin is utilized for the development of enzyme-linked competitive binding assays not only for biotin itself, but also for other biomolecules. Alkaline phosphatase, a single substrate enzyme typically used for heterogeneous types of competitive binding assays, is employed also for homogeneous types. For the biotin assay, the heterogeneous protocol offers a much improved detection capability when compared to the homogeneous type. A simple approach of simulating dose-response curves is introduced. An effective analyte concentration attached to an enzyme label is determined by using the same binder, but with a different enzyme label. The analyte system adapted to the biotin/avidin-mediated homogeneous protocol is digoxin and a monoclonal antidigoxin antibody. The detection capabilities of these assays, particularly the homogeneous types, are shown to be limited by the detectability of the enzyme conjugate employed. (Keywords: Enzyme-linked assay, biotin/avidin interaction, alkaline phosphatase label, digoxin assay)