Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 14(2), 293 (1998).

Computational Aspects of Extraction Equilibrium and Distribution Potential of Electrolyte Distributed between Two Liquid Polar Phases
Nuclear Research Institute, plc, R ez, Czech Republic
It is proved that both "electrochemical" and "chemical" treatments of the equilibrium distribution of electrolytes between two polar solvents are correct, or in other words the use of electrochemical or chemical potentials is interchangeable. This is illustrated by calculation using a recursive iteration program for distribution of Sr 2+ by dicarbollide anion in the presence of polyethyleneglycol. Several particular situations are described: the effect of common ion, limiting distribu-tion coefficient and influence of protonized particles on distribution of cations. (Keywords: Extraction, electrolyte, distribution potential, polar solvent)