Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 14(1), 191 (1998).

Characterization of Chromogenic Calix[4]areneDerivative BasedIon-Selective Optical Sensors
Bui Thi Thu Lan and Kla´ ra To´th
Institute of General and Analytical Chemistry, Technical Universityof Budapest, H-1111 Budapest, Szent Gellèrt tèr 4, Hungary
The analytical characterization of a novel chromogenic calix[4]arenederivative based sodium selective, direct optodemembranes has been investigated in detail. The dynamic concentration range,ion-selectivity, response time andreproducibility are discussed. The effect of the nature of the membranematrix on the dynamic concentration range andthe operation pH of the relevant optode membranes are explained. The sodiumion response is interpreted on the basis ofthe ion-exchange theory, which is underlined by the results of calixarenemediated ion-transport experiments. (Keywords: Optode, chromogenic calix[4]arene, sodium selective sensor)