Analytical Sciences

Abstract − Analytical Sciences, 14(1), 117 (1998).

Paint-Freeze Method to Form Self-AssembledAlkanethiol/Phospholipid Bilayers on Gold
Weiguo JING and ErkangWANG *
Laboratory ofElectroanalytical Chemistry and National Analytical and Research Center ofElectrochemistryand Spectroscopy, Changchun Instituteof Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academyof Sciences, Changchun, Jilin 130022 People's Republic of China
A paint-freeze method for preparing self-assembled alkanethiol/phospholipidbilayers on a gold surface has beendescribed (by cyclic voltammetry, a.c impedance, polarized FTIR-ATR) to bewell-ordered and packed, stable, solvent-freebilayers. The lipid order parameter was 0.67, calculated from the dichroicratio, consistent with a well-ordered lipidfilm in which the methylene groups have segmental flexibility and aredisordered to a degree which is typical for a lipidbilayer in the liquid-crystalline phase. Such a supported membrane providesa useful way for studies in biophysics,physiology and electrochemistry. (Keywords: Supported phospholipid membrane, self-assembled monolayer,cyclic voltammetry, a.c. impedance, FTIR-ATR)