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Table of Contents − Volume 35, (2019)

Crystal Structure of 6,7-Dihydro-5a,7a,13,14-tetraaza-pentaphene-5,8-dione
Jean GUILLON, Maria De Fatima PEREIRA-ROSENFELD, Noël PINAUD, Thierry BESSON, Valérie THIÉRY, Laurent PICOT, and Mathieu MARCHIVIE
X-ray Structure Analysis Online, 2019, 35(10), 57.

Crystal Structure of a Dinuclear Co Complex with Doubly Bridged Fluorides: Di-μ-fluoride Bis{(2-pyridylmethyl)bis(2-quinolylmethyl)amine} Dicobalt(II) Bis(tetrafluoroborate), [Co2(μ-F)2(pbqa)2](BF4)2
Takuto MIBU, Yusaku SUENAGA, Takashi OKUBO, Masahiko MAEKAWA, and Takayoshi KURODA-SOWA
X-ray Structure Analysis Online, 2019, 35(10), 61.