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Table of Contents − Volume 33, (2017)

Synthesis, Spectroscopic Study and Crystal Structure of a New Single-Enantiomer C(O)NHP(O)-based Phosphoric Triamide, CCl3C(O)NHP(O)[(R)-(+)-NHCH(CH3)(C6H5)]2·0.25H2O
Maral ARIANI, Mehrdad POURAYOUBI, Michal DUŠEK, Banafsheh VAHDANI ALVIRI, Václav EIGNER, and Krishnan DAMODARAN
X-ray Structure Analysis Online, 2017, 33(4), 17.

Ferromagnetic Dinuclear Nickel(II) Complex with a Schiff-base Having a Di-μ-phenolato-μ-methanol-bridged Core
Jongwan LIM, Yunseok SHIN, Sanghoon RYU, Ryoji MITSUHASHI, Masataka OMOTE, Hiroshi SAKIYAMA, and Masahiro MIKURIYA
X-ray Structure Analysis Online, 2017, 33(4), 21.