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Table of Contents − Volume 32, (2016)

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Another Tetranuclear Oxidovanadium(IV) Complex with 2,6-Bis(hydroxymethyl)-4-methylphenol Having an N2-Adsorption Property
Masahiro MIKURIYA, Masami FUKUTANI, Masataka OMOTE, Daisuke YOSHIOKA, Ryoji MITSUHASHI, Hidekazu TANAKA, and Makoto HANDA
X-ray Structure Analysis Online, 2016, 32(7), 29.

Packing of Two Independent Molecules: 3-Amino-2-benzyl-6-bromo-1,2,4-triazin-5(2H)-one
Long-Chih HWANG, Chung-Lin CHUANG, Chun-Wei SU, and Gene-Hsiang LEE
X-ray Structure Analysis Online, 2016, 32(7), 33.